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"Smart Guns"

Reading Material

Brady, J.T., "Smart" Guns on the Way, APB Multimedia, Inc. Nov. 17, 1998.

Meek, J.G., Is the 'Smart Gun' Concept Stupid? Advocates Debate Clinton's Development Proposal, APB Multimedia, Inc. Jan. 4, 2000.

Colt Manufacturing's Position on Personalized Weapons Technology.

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Clede, Bill, Colt's Smart Gun, First published in Law and Order, Feb. 1997.

Smith & Wesson: An open letter to the citizens of Boston.

NRA, Firearms Fact Sheet: Smart Guns.

The False Hope of "Smart" Guns, Violence Policy Center.

An excellent list of Web resources on "smart gun" technology from the Personalized Weapons Technology Project of the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

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