Gun Measures We Don’t Support

Banning guns

Handgun Control, Inc., has never advocated banning firearms used for legitimate purposes such as hunting and recreation. We do, however, seek to reduce the number of firearms with no legitimate purpose, such as easily concealable, poorly-made "junk guns" and assault weapons designed for military use. No legitimate hunter would use such guns, and any hunter foolish enough to do so would probably lose his or her hunting license. As these guns are notoriously inaccurate, they cannot be used for target shooting, either. They are, however, a favorite of criminals.

Restricting concealed weapons permits for those who have a legitimate need for such permits.

Some members of high-risk professions, such as armored car drivers, occasionally are required to carry a concealed weapon. In the old days, persons seeking concealed weapons permits had to pass several steps in order to receive a license, the first being demonstrable need. Unfortunately, the extremists in the gun lobby have supported new laws making carrying a concealed weapon all-too-easy, with no descretion given to law enforcement. The extremists in the gun lobby have supported laws making it so virtually anyone not convicted of a felony or institutionalized can get a permit. This change was not the due to any humanitarian impulse of the gun lobby, but rather a clever ploy aimed at selling more guns. The resulting increase in CCW permits have created a flood of guns into the hands of people who otherwise shouldn’t be allowed to carry one. More importantly, all local discretion as to who or who cannot carry a gun has been stripped away. Carl Drega, the notorious killer of two New Hampshire State Troopers, was considered a "law-abiding" citizen by the State, but not by his neighbors. Unfortunately, New Hampshire law prevented law enforcement from refusing to allow this neighborhood menance the ability to stockpile firearms.

Handgun Control, Inc., has never supported banning
firearms used for legitimate hunting and
sporting purposes.