For Gun Owners Only

Handgun Control, Inc., and the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence represent the moderate position on gun safety. The misrepresentations of the gun lobby aside, Handgun Control, Inc., seeks common-sense gun policies that encourage responsible gun ownership.

Measures that We Support:
Common Sense Gun Regulations Are Our Goal

What We Don't Support:
We Are NOT "Gun Banners"-and never have been…

Questions and Answers about Responsible Gun Ownership

Q: What is Responsible Gun Ownership?

A: Responsible gun owners know the obligations that come with the use and enjoyment of firearms. Hunting and recreational firearms use are a tradition in some parts of the country. We have no objections whatsoever to such legitimate activities, so long as they respect the standards and laws of the local community. Responsible, law-abiding owners know better than anyone the inherent dangers posed by the simple presence of a gun.

What Every Gun Owner Should Know

Q: What are Common-SenseGun Regulations?

A: Common-sense gun regulations protect everyone's rights-not just the gun owners. We live in a diverse, complex society. Firearms have a regulated place in our society. Recently, there has been a rise in extremist propaganda, accusing those advocating responsible gun ownership of being "gun-grabbers", "gun-banners" or worse. This does a disservice to the important subject of gun safety.

The Shameful Record of Manufacturers of Cheap Handguns

Q: If Handgun Control, Inc., advocates responsible gun ownership, why do I hear you referred to as "gun-banners" so often?

A: Money and a well-organized campaign by a small group of extremists have sufficiently poisoned the debate. Moderate voices of reason such as Handgun Control, Inc., are drowned out.

The National Rifle Association was for years known primarily as a hunter and firearms education association. It once advocated the same common-sense gun laws and practices that Handgun Control, Inc. now supports. In the late 1970's and   early 1980's, a more extreme, militant branch of the organization took control, and made the political decision to oppose every single gun law proposal-even ones gun manufacturers support, such as child safety locks.

Facts About Firearms

There is a lot of misinformation floating around concerning firearms, firearms violence and measures that can prevent senseless firearms tragedy. Handgun Control, Inc. and the Center to Prevent Handgun Violence work to present the facts on firearms in as unbiased a manner as possible.