The following table is reproduced from "Armed: New Perspectives on Gun Control," Prometheus Books, New York (2001), p 289.

The "Injury" columns measure "whether the victim suffered any kind of physical injury. 'Loss' refers to whether the victim lost any property during the crime. Finally, a signficant recent improvement in the NCVS allows analysts to separately identify injuries inflicted after the victim engaged in some form of self-protection ('post-SP injury'). This is important, because these are injuries that could have been provoked by the SP measure and thus could be regarded as a cost of self-protection, whereas injuries inflicted before the victim used the self-protection measure could not be so regarded. Of course, it should be stressed that even among post-self-protection injuries, some might have been inflicted even in the absence of self-protection, so the rate of post-self-protection injury should be regarded as an upper limit estimate of the rate of injury that was provoked by victim self-protection." (pp. 289-90)