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The following is part of a larger mention of bogus quotes here.
This quote did not originate with me. It came from a Class 3 Dealer in Indiana, who said the "Quote" at Knob Creek, with a big circle of other Class 3 dealers, who all became outraged. After he said it, I asked him for the source, and he gave me one that sounded credible.... later, after it went into print, and everyone got all excited about it, I called him for the source again... he waffled, and said he really didn't know where it came from, but "It sounded like it would be true, didn't it?"

I got quite an education on that, it was the first time in 15 years that I had ever let something that important go without writing it down first.... and yes, it did "Sound like it would be true" in that time period. Very embarrassing, but a good insight into the birth of an "urban legend."

Dan Shea
Gen Mgr, Small Arms Review magazine (http://www.smallarmsreview.com)
(Former Technical Editor of the defunct Machine Gun News.)

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