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"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." ---Thomas Jefferson, 1816.
Second Amendment
Gun Control
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Until the Second Amendment is treated as normal constitutional law, this web site will always be under construction...

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The Second Amendment
Original intent and purpose
What do those words (like "well-regulated") mean?
Is there contrary evidence?
A Second Amendment analogue
Second Amendment Supreme Court cases
Quotes from the Founding Fathers
Quotes from constitutional commentators
Quotes falsely attributed to the Founders
Commas and the Second Amendment
Comments from newspapers
Second Amendment challenge
Does the 2nd apply to the states?
State constitutions
Lower federal court cases
The state courts
The Second Amendment is obsolete
Warren Burger's fraud
The founders were slave holders
What are the Federalist Papers?
Handgun Control Inc. on the Second Amendment
Bellesiles: The historian who can't shoot straight?
More Bellesiles: "Cite Correction"
Second Amendment Law Library
Other Gun Control Information
Barack Obama's anti-gun record
Links to Other Sites (Opens a new browser window)
Presidential candidates' views on gun control
National political partys' gun control planks
Anti-gun lobbying organizations (NRA)
Organizations and individuals supporting gun control (NRA)
Gun Laws
Federal and state firearm law summaries (NRA)
State concealed carry laws (also here)
Handgun laws
The Lautenberg Amendment
Swiss gun control and gun laws
International gun control & gun laws
Gun and gun control related bills in Congress
Gun Control News
Gun Control Websites
Gun rights organizations
Gun control organizations
Anti-gun control Web sites
Media sites featuring gun control
Gun control conferences and rallies
Calguns Foundation
Gun Control: A Statistical Perspective
Defensive Gun Use
How often are guns used in self-defense?
Liberalized concealed carry laws
Is a gun an effective means of self-defense?
Does gun ownership deter burglaries?
Is my own gun more likely to be used against me or my family?
Gun Violence
Gun homicides
Gun suicides
Gun accidents (Kids too)
Schools and gun violence
International violent death rates
International homicide comparisons
The gun supply myth (Excellent chart)
The Wild West
Gun Control
Gun control research
Full auto weapons
"Assault weapons"
Handgun bans and gun control
"Cop-killer" bullets
"Nobody wants to take your guns"
A gun control compromise?
The Brady Bill
Gun registration and gun control
Trigger locks and storage laws
Bogus Gun Control Quotes
Misrepresenting the gun control debate
Alternatives to Gun Control
Enforcing the laws we already have
The Gun Control Reading Room
"Saturday Night Specials"
"Smart Guns"
The gun lawsuits
Do guns turn children into criminals?
Do kids have easier access to guns?
The Myth of Nazi Gun Control
Firearms Trafficking Enforcement
Gun control essays

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